10 Reasons To Visit Children’s Sunshine Chiropractic?

1. Conveniently located in two locations on the Sunshine Coast- Caloundra and Buderim.
2. We have practitioners who are trained in chiropractic paediatrics and are baby and child focused.
3. We have a sports chiropractor trained in sporting injuries.
4. We have practitioners who cater for the entire family, including Babies, Children, Teenagers, Pregnant mums and Adults too.
5. Our practitioners are continually undergoing educational training and are some of the best trained practitioners on the Sunshine Coast.
6. Our practitioners have over 45 years combined experience and have first hand experience having children themselves.
7. We have experienced friendly staff who are here to assist you and answer any questions you have.
8. We have a fantastic reputation on the Sunshine Coast and liaise with midwives, doctors and dentists.
9. We Bulk Bill for Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA).
10. We Bulk Bill patients who have a Medicare EPC program from their GP.

Why Do Parents Bring Their Baby Or Child To Children’s Sunshine Chiropractic?

Most parents seek advice on a particular issue their baby may be experiencing. This commonly includes sleeping issues, irritability, symptoms resembling colic or reflux, breastfeeding issues, developmental delay such as crawling or walking, constipation, reoccurring ear infections, favouring looking to one side or having a flat head.

For children, parents commonly seek advice for Headaches, Poor Posture, Backpain, Bed wetting, Constipation and Concentration Problems.

What Happens When You Visit The Practice For Your Baby/Child?

1. The Dr of Chiropractic will do a thorough history, finding all about your baby/child and any concerns you have.
2. Your Baby/Child will then be examined and checked for any spinal misalignments known as chiropractic subluxations.
3. The Dr of Chiropractic will then explain everything in detail and will answer any questions you may have.
4. Your Baby/Child will then be treated if you choose to continue.

What Happens With Treatment?

Treatment often involves some light massage and correction of any spinal misalignment with light pressure ( what you can tolerate on your eyeballs). The treatment for babies is unique and is different to that for an adult.

How Can You Tell If Your Baby Needs Chiropractic?

As a parent you will often be unaware if your baby has musculosketal problems following birth. For this reason it is recommended every baby should be checked by a chiropractor following birth. Some common musculoskeletal problems may be found in:

1. Babies who are unhappy and irritable.
2. Babies who favour looking to one side.
3. Babies who have breast feeding difficulties.
4. Babies who are unhappy on tummy time, when travelling in the car seat, or when you are dressing or changing their nappy.
5. Babies who have a misshapen head.

Our Practitioners

Dr Scott Baker and Dr Sarah Drovandi are two chiropractors on the coast, who primarily focuses on only babies and children.

Dr. Exxon Alambra and Dr Vanessa Nicholson focus on adults and have a particular interest in helping pregnant women remain discomfort free during the pregnancy. Pelvic and spinal corrections during pregnancy help prepare the body for the birth process.

Dr Adam Epskamp is a sports chiropractor and has a special interest in fitness and sporting injuries.

All Doctors have also completed training in the Webster Technique for pregnant mother’s whose babies are in the breech or posterior position.

For more information or if you have any further questions please call or email our office.

Clinic Opening Times

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Mon : 2-6pm
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Thur: 8-6pm
Fri : 8-12pm
Sat : 8-12pm

Buderim Clinic

Mon: 8-12pm
Wed: 8-6pm
Fri: 8-6pm

Childrens Play Area

The children's play area has an array of mind stimulating toys to suit every child- from a multi level car garage to a doll’s house, from a toy kitchen to a doll’s cradle- not to mention numerous puzzles & building blocks!

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