Do you have a breech baby in utero?

Breech baby is a baby that has have their buttock toward the cervix and head toward the rib cage. I.e. they are 180 degrees out of the head down position.

By 37 weeks gestation babies should be head down ready for birth.


Breech baby the three main breech positions:

1) Frank Breech: The baby’s bottom sits over the woman’s cervix, and the head towards the rib cage, the baby’s feet are usually placed on either side of their head, near their ears.

2) Complete Breech: the baby sits with their legs crossed, therefore both their feet and buttocks sit close to the woman’s cervix.

3) Footling breech or incomplete breech: The baby’s foot sits over the woman’s cervix, leading the way, whilst the other foot is up toward the head.

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Webster Technique For Breech Babies

For many years chiropractors have been using the Webster technique to turn a breech baby.  This chiropractic technique is specifically for pregnant mothers. It corrects sacral misalignments, balances pelvic muscles and ligaments, encouraging your baby to get into the best possible position for birth.

The Webster technique has been found to be of benefit in some studies (1-2).

The earlier  the Webster technique is started then the better the outcome.

If your baby is in the transverse or breech position, don’t wait any longer, make an appointment to see our specifically trained Doctor of Chiropractic today!