Developmental Delay

Developmental delay in babies is a delay in the behaviours which reflect the development of the brain and spinal cord, occurring in the same sequence in all children.

What Affects The Developmental Delay In Babies?

Developmental delay in babies and the rate of development may vary and this may be due to genetics (eg late walking or talking)  environmental factors (eg lack of appropriate stimulation can slow normal development), physical factors (such as deafness, hypotonia) or spinal dysfunction (spinal joint fixations causing musculoskeletal discomfort).

How Is Developmental Delay In Babies Determined?

Developmental delay in babies is indicated using developmental milestones appropriate for age.


How Chiropractic May Help Developmental Delay In Some Babies?

The birth process may result in musculoskeletal trauma to some babies. This trauma may result in babies having a sore neck, back or shoulder.

In some cases developmental delay in babies may be due to the musculoskeletal pain or discomfort. A baby with a sore neck or shoulder as a result of the birth process  may dislike or refuse tummy time. This may cause the baby to be delayed in rolling or crawling.

A baby with a sore back may be delayed in standing or walking as the upright position may cause them discomfort.

Correcting the misaligned vertebrae may eliminate the discomfort,  allowing your infant to start enjoying tummy time, crawling or walking.

In these cases the delay has not been due to brain development , the joint problem and associated pain  has limited the progress.


Developmental Milestones In Babies



Sleeps most of time, can eat, clear airways, and  respond with crying.


Regards objects in the line of vision, Begins to smile when spoken to, Lies flat on abdomen, Head lag on pull to sit

3 months    

Smiles, vocalizes and follows moving object with their eyes. Holds head steady on sitting. Grasps objects placed in hands

6 months 

Sits with support and rolls over. Babbles to toys. Transfers an object from hand to hand

9 months 

Sits well, crawls, and pulls themselves to standing  position.  Says “ mama” and “dada”; plays pat-a-cake. Waves bye- bye and holds their bottle.

1 year

Walks with their hands held. Speaks several words and helps dress themselves

18 months 

Walks well, can climb stairs holding on. Turns several book pages at a time. Speaks about 10 words. Pulls toys on string and partially feeds themselves.

2 yrs

Runs well, climbs up and down stairs alone. Turns single book pages, puts on simple clothing. Makes 2-3 word sentences, and verbalizes toilet needs.

3 yrs   

Rides a tricycle, dresses well except for buttons and laces. Counts to 10 and uses plurals. Questions constantly and feeds themselves well

4 yrs   

Alternates feet when going up and down stairs. Throws a ball overhand, hops on one foot, copies a cross. Knows at least one colour, washes hands and face. Takes care of toilet needs

5 yrs

Skips, catches a bouncing ball, copies a triangle, knows 4 colours, and dresses and undresses without help.