Plagiocephaly or flat head syndrome is the misshapen head in an infant.

Flat Head or Plagiocephaly

Flat Head or Plagiocephaly

What Causes It ?

Flat Head or Plagiocephaly may be caused by the position of the babies’ head in utero ( head pushing against the side of the pelvis) and these babies are born with a misshapen head.
It is usually caused by your baby continuing to favour one side with their head. This occurs because your baby will have a misalignment in their neck as a result of the birth process. It is painful for your baby to look the opposite way to the flat head, so your baby will continue to favour the side that does not cause them pain.


Many parents are told that their babies flat head is a cosmetic problem and will resolve with time. Unfortunately research suggests that this is not the case and that developmental delays are associated with babies having a flat head(1-2).

Chiropractic Treatment Of Flat Head (Plagiocephaly)

Stretches may help in some cases, however unless the underlying neck misalignment is corrected your baby will often continue to favour the same side. The stretches may cause your baby more pain and reinforce the notion that looking to the opposite side causes pain.
Chiropractic restores proper movement of the bones in the neck (called vertebra), allowing your baby to move their head to both sides without pain. Chiropractic corrections are very safe and gentle. The majority of corrections are done with light finger pressure (as much as you can tolerate on your eye ball). Once the vertebra  has been corrected, your baby will automatically start looking to the non- favorable side. Stretches may be then introduced and will be more beneficial. Stretches will then reinforce the notion that looking to the opposite side no longer causes pain.

Our experienced team of Chiropractors at Children’s Sunshine Chiropractic see infants with this condition on a weekly basis, we feel very confident in managing flat head syndrome. You can feel sure that your baby is in the right place for the safe and effective management of their flat head.


Several  studies conclude that chiropractic treatment for flat head syndrome is both safe and effective (3-4).



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