Hypnobirthing Sunshine Coast

Kylie Gillespie

Ph: 0405 125 663


Why use Hypnobirthing during labour?

Hypnobirthing is well known to have really positive outcomes.  A positive birth experience has powerful benefits that last well beyond the birthing room!

It can boost the physical and emotional health and well-being of both you and your baby long after the birth. Who wouldn’t want that?

When you are well informed, well prepared and well supported, birth can be uplifting and satisfying, your baby calm and healthy, and your recovery quick and smooth no matter what turns your birth takes.

This can set the stage for early years of calm, gentle child-raising.  Sounds like a great start, doesn’t it?

Why HypnoBirthing Sunshine Coast?

If you live on the Sunshine Coast, then I’m right here with you!  My name is Kylie Gillespie.

I’m a qualified physiotherapist and always had special interest in birth and women’s health.  My own four amazing births proved to me the power of the mind-body connection and inspired me to help others achieve positive birth.

The Hypnobirthing Australia™ program I follow is the best course available in Australia (see why…).  As a qualified HBA Practitioner, I work with mothers-to-be and their birth partners to prepare for a really positive birth.  I’d love to work with you and your partner to help prepare you for your own special birth experience.