What are Isotonic Supplements?

Isotonic supplements are made to enhance absorption and bioavailability, by targeting isotonic receptors at the base of the stomach before reaching the intestine. The vitamins are absorbed through your stomach, directly into the blood stream. This way your body has a greater chance of being able to utilise the vitamins.

What Isotonic Vitamins are available?

How do I take the vitamins?

Once removing the lid, best to poke a hole in the silver foil covering the top.
Store in the fridge to prevent the supplements from going hard (will do this with moisture).
1. Ensure they are taken on an empty stomach ( best first thing in the morning or after school).
2. Dosage: For children over 5 and adults use a capful of the vitamins and pour into the cup it comes with. Fill water up the 60ml line on the cup.
For children under 5 years old, use half and capful of the vitamins and pour into the cup it comes with. Fill water up to 30mls (between the bottom and line on the cup).
3. Wait a minute while the vitamins bubble and froth and dissolve into the liquid.
4. Drink and don’t eat or drink anything for 15 minutes (allows maximum absorption).

Can I combine isotonic products and take together? 

If using more than one product at once you will need to use 60ml water (30mls under 5 years) for each product. Ie If an adult is using vitamin C and the multivitamin, then they would pour a capful of each into the cup and add 120 mls of water (60ml + 60ml). If I child under 5 is using vitamin C and Calcium then they would pour half an capful into the cup and add 60mls water (30mls + 30mls).
You can also add other vitamins into the isotonic vitamins such as nano zinc/magnesium or 5 mushroom liquid.