. Chiropractic may assist in being able to conceive .

. Aligning the spine and helping posture is a great way to start the pregnancy.

. Pregnancy is a time when postural and hormonal changes occur in preparation for the birth process.

. These changes can results in spinal fixations which may cause discomfort.

Pelvic misalignments may limit the room for your baby to grow comfortably . This restriction is called intrauterine constraint and can make it difficult for your baby to get into a good position for birth.

A Baby who is not in a good position may result in a more difficult labour and a more traumatic birth for both mum and baby.

. Chiropractic care for back pain during pregnancy has shown to be both safe and effective. 75% of pregnant women found relief from pain following chiropractic care .(1)

. Chiropractic  care could have a preventative effect against future pelvic floor dysfunction and urinary incontinence . (2)

. Having regular chiropractic care in first time mums may shorten labour time by 25%. Mums who have already had a previous birth have on average a 31% shorter labour time. (3-4)

. Realigning the pelvis may prevent a misaligned pelvis for carrying the next baby, future back pain and help the pelvic floor muscles.

. The body has several post birth Postural changes as the baby is no longer in the womb and the breasts become engorged with milk.

. Breast feeding and nursing your baby often results in forward shoulder posture and upper back pain.

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